Business Coaching & Consulting

MeetOur Team

Murtuza Kutianwala

CEO and Head of Revenue

Meet our CEO, with 12 years of experience in the media & entertainment sector. Murtuza is an actor by luck and an entrepreneur by passion. Everything in the middle was just hustle!

Sandeep Raghunath

Head of Technology

Meet our Head of Technology, a thinker, strategist, and planner with a never give up attitude possessing over 16 years of expertise in digital marketing. Sandeep has managed more than 80 brands across all sectors and holds a Green Belt in Six Sigma certification.

Vidisha Gupta

Business Development Executive

Meet our Business Development Executive, Vidisha has 3 years of experience. She is a social and outgoing person. Her expertise in research and maintaining relationships have helped the company bring in business!

Aditya Kumbhare

Sr. Creative Producer & Lead

Meet our Sr. creative producer with 5 years of professional experience in the content, films and ad world as a video producer. An Engineer turned writer turned filmmaker, Aditya effortlessly uses his skills from varied mediums to bring creativity and visual appeal to the table.

Aparna Mazumder

Senior SEO Manager

Meet our senior seo manager, with over 6 years of experience Aparna is our SEO expert! While she plans and implements the SEO campaigns for our global clientele she also has an eye for design and always looks out for new learning opportunities!

Deena David

Senior Performance Marketing Manager

Meet our Senior Performance Marketing Manager, with over 4 years of experience Deena is an ad expert. Her expertise allows us to take informed decisions giving us high ROI for your brand!

Isha Jain

Account Executive

Meet our Account executive, with 3 years of experience in content creation and the youngest of all! Isha is also a food blogger curiously waiting to explore the world and bringing her passion to create content to the table!

Ravin Krishna K

Senior Developer

Meet our Senior Developer with over 15 years of experience in web development and UI design. His expertise with various platforms like HTML, wordpress, JavaScript make him tech savvy.


Senior Analyst & QA

Meet our Senior Analyst & QA, with over 2 years of experience Sreekrishnan, he plans and manages all the content for our clients. With Sreekrishan be assured to not only have quality assured content but also a critical thinker!


Social Media Manager

Meet our all-arounder aka social media manager. Nandalal has 2 years of experience, he oversees all of our marketing campaigns, emails, and continually works to create an online community. Along with his persistent desire to learn new things, he also possesses creative abilities like graphic design and video editing.