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Branding is the Art of becoming Knowable, Likable and Trustable

Branding is how customers see and understand your business. It also pertains to how you, the owner, and your employees see and understand the business. Your Why, What, & How all depend on you. It involves how an audience relates with your business on many levels and through various brand touchpoints. A brand can be described as a company, service, product, or person that has a voice and personality of their own.

A brand cannot be “made” by a designer, nor can he/she design a brand. A brand identity is created by designers to reflect a brand.

As a business owner, you need to ask these questions to yourself:

What are some of the core values of my business?

Questions like this form the fundamentals of your Brand strategy and should be established within the company as early as possible.

As a business owner you need to know what exactly you are looking for. We don’t tell you “your business needs the entire package”. We believe each and every one of our clients should only take the services they need. That’s because every business is different and unique. We’re here to help our client’s business grow, not fill our own pockets.

Branding can make the Marketing smooth & easy, so that you get the expected rewards!

What we do

Brand Positioning

Where do you want to position your brand and how. As a luxury brand or as an affordable brand with quality.

Brand Messaging

What the brand is offering to its customers

Logo Design

Logo tells a lot about the brand. Ideally the core values of the brand should be communicated through the logo.

Brand Voice

Brand voice, which is established by your brand's communication style, is the way you speak to your consumers. Your brand voice speaks to your target market and may take on any style as long as it seems consistent with your brand image and values.

Brand Style Guide

A brand style guide is a comprehensive collection of guidelines that establishes the branding of your company. It makes use of grammatical, tonal, logo, colour, visual, word, point of view, and other elements.

Social Media Branding

The key to successful social media branding is to continuously interact with your target audience on the social media sites. The goal or purpose is to increase brand recognition and draw in new customers to your business. Leveraging the power of social media branding effectively can help you create a strong fanbase.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is the comprehensive method used to increase a brand's recognition and favorability among current and future customers. Brand aspects such as voice, narrative, brand identity, brand values, and overall mood are all addressed in a brand strategy.

Creative Strategy

An intentional and strategic approach is what a business uses to plan and put into action the actions that will secure and support the long-term success of your organization. Your creative strategy offers the guiding principles for generating the content as well as acting as a call to action for teams.


How Bizzy Baby can help your Business transform into a BRAND?

Meeting between the project team and client to understand the client's business, goals, strategy, operation process, etc

Branding market research is crucial to establishing a product-market fit. Bizzybaby team does extensive market research to find out the current market possibilities for the brand/service. We deepdive into the competition market standings and identify the possibilities of leveraging the current market for the brand.

We make sure we have enough data to guide our next move - building the brand.

  • Determine the feasibility of a new business.
  • Identify and develop potential new markets.
  • Keep close tabs on marketing trends and develop strategies on how to stay ahead or adapt to changing market conditions.
  • Test the demand for new products or features.
  • Ensure optimal product placement – how, when and where should a product enter the market.
  • Improve and innovate their business. 
  • Boost the success of their promotional campaigns. By gauging customer sentiment and understanding the perception of their brand, businesses can better shape their branding and marketing strategies.

Our team investigates competitors to find out more about their strengths, weaknesses, products, and marketing strategies.

When done correctly, a competition analysis can produce information that helps us make strategic and commercial decisions.

What we do

  • Recognize the market and its competitors.
  • Look for various types of competitors.
  • Recognize the market and target audience.
  • Use the results to establish benchmarks.
  • Review the present marketing plan.

The success of any business depends on having a powerful brand identity design. It influences every facet of a company's marketing strategy and aims to support both corporate objectives and client satisfaction. Our team at Bizzybaby goes through all the research and analysis data and uses them to create a unique brand identity design for your brand. We do not believe in “one size fits all” and we tailor everything for each client so that it evolves as a unique brand that would be recognized, and trusted by its customers.